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Gallery 9

Gallery 10

Gallery 11

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Gallery 14

Davis Cup new photographs.
Galleries 9 and 10 include all the pics from the Davis Cup quaterfinals between Argentina and Russia (April 2003).
Off court pics of Gaston !!!!
Remember Gaston planting trees in Switzerland? Well, refresh your mind and take a look at gallery 11.
Pics from past and 2003 tournaments.
Gallery 12 features a compilation of on-court photos from events held in previous years.

Check them out in gallery 13. Gaston reached semis in 2003 and all the best caps are here!!!!

Do you want to see pics from Roland Garros 2003 or any other tournament from this season? Don't miss gallery 14 then. =O)

Check old Galleries from Gaston too.
Gallery 1 to 8 feature photos of Gaston, other argentine players and Davis Cup. Make sure you check them out.
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